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Builders & Contractors
Builders & Contractors
New Construction Service Request

The following information allows building contractors and commercial and industrial customers to request temporary or permanent electrical service from AEP Ohio as part of the construction of new facilities and homes.

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For contractors who need electrical service during construction.

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Request permanent electric service to a new home.

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Request permanent electric service to a new facility or business.

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Request upgrades to a facility's electrical service.

Requirements For Electrical Service

Review information and recommendations that sufficiently answer questions concerning a majority of electrical installations.

Builders and Developers Web Site

Learn how builders and developers can quickly and easily manage new installation requests for subdivisions and developments.

Installing Generating Equipment

Learn the requirements for installing customer-owned generating equipment.

Incentives for New Construction Projects

Earn financial incentives when you use energy efficient products or technologies when renovating or building facilities for businesses.

Safety Resources

Safety For Contractors
Learn what you must know about working safely around electrical facilities.
Call Before You Dig
It's important to know what's below before you begin your digging project.
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